Watch Australia take their first Rugby World Cup (9.59)

Four years on from the inaugural tournament, many felt that the European nations had a good chance against the two Southern Hemisphere powerhouses New Zealand and Australia, thanks to their home field advantage. England, in particular, were enjoying a prolonged period of success under Will Carling, and entered the event on the back of a Grand Slam season. The tournament was firmly embraced by the four Home Unions and France, with an aggregate attendance of one million at the 19 venues.

David Campese

David Campese scored six tries, getting on the score sheet in the pool stages, the quarter-final and semi-final. His performance in the nail-biting quarter-final against Ireland was indicative of his contribution throughout, his natural pace backed up by a ruthless will to win.

Player Matches Points
RP Keyes (Ire) 4 68
MP Lynagh (Aus) 6 66
AG Hastings (Sco) 5 61
JM Webb (Eng) 5 56

Mickey Skinner and Eric Champ

For sheer theatricality, and an insight into Anglo-French rugby relations, Mickey Skinner's eye-balling of Eric Champ in the cauldron-like atmosphere of the Parc des Princes during the quarter-final between England and France will live long in the memory.

Player Matches Tries
DI Campese (Aus) 6 6
JB Lafond (Fra) 4 6
TJ Horan (Aus) 6 4
BF Robinson (Ire) 3 4
ESPN Scrum

Host nations England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and France
Dates Oct 3 - Nov 2
No of nations 16 (33 qualifying)
Champions Australia
Runners-up England
Matches played 32