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Feb 24, 2014

A four-minute marvel

Richard Seeckts: The Crooked Feed on how the BBC let the frantic finale at Twickenham talk for itself
Over and out ... England players celebrate at the final whistle Getty Images
Feb 4, 2014

Too close for comfort

Richard Seeckts: The Crooked Feed on how the BBC's coverage of the opening weekend of the Six Nations failed to hit the mark
Jan 29, 2014

Not good enough when it matters

The Crooked Feed believes Chris Ashton might be as relieved as many England fans are that he won't be in Paris on Saturday
Jan 21, 2014

The troublesome TMO

Richard Seeckts: "Is it any wonder that the men with the whistle seek reassurance from a colleague with a replay screen?" The Crooked Feed on the TMO
Dec 19, 2013

Why the Lions quota system will never happen

Richard Seeckts: "The Lions is a meritocracy, pure and simple." The Crooked Feed gives its view on Gatland's call for a Lions quota system
Nov 27, 2013

The ambiguous World Cup knockout stages

Richard Seeckts: "In an age of e-tickets and online trading, the organisers appear to have ignored the obvious unknowns presented by the knockout stages." The Crooked Feed writes
Nov 18, 2013

An inappropriate tipple

Richard Seeckts: The Crooked Feed wonders just how Australia worked out what constituted an 'inappropriate level of alcohol'
Oct 31, 2013

Those familiar feelings of hope and fear

Richard Seeckts: "Good domestic form has led many to believe Lancaster is picking from massive strength in depth, but they can carry that on to the Test stage?" The Crooked Feed writes
Oct 17, 2013

Spoilt for choice or a mass of mediocrity?

Richard Seeckts: "The selection debate is great for the pub, but two years out from a home World Cup the 'tough choices' stage is a poor position to be in." The Crooked Feed writes
Oct 16, 2013

Twickenham's RWC debenture problem

Richard Seeckts: "The wait is nearly over for debenture holders, but an unsatisfactory resolution for them could spark a damaging row for the RFU." The Crooked Feed reports
Oct 4, 2013

Wallaby woes

Richard Seeckts: "Australia are rudderless, changing their style of play more frequently than they change PM, and making Australian cricket look well run and successful." The Crooked Feed writes
Sep 25, 2013

Solving the ticket tout conundrum

Richard Seeckts: "Whatever Ms Jevans does to eliminate touts, she will never stop tickets changing hands as the World Cup knock-out matches approach." The Crooked Feed writes
Sep 19, 2013

Fallibility is what makes sport so compelling

Richard Seeckts: "Fallibility is what makes sport so compelling." The Crooked Feed reports on the furore that followed the performance of referee Romain Poite last weekend
Sep 10, 2013

Reasons to be cheerful

Richard Seeckts: "As for reading out viewers' tweets during the match, just stop it. It's a rugby match, not a reality TV show." The Crooked Feed looks at the opening weekend of the Aviva Premiership season
Sep 6, 2013

Breaking the code of omerta

Richard Seeckts: "What happened to all the unity of the Lions, the unbreakable bonds forged on tour?" The Crooked Feed looks at the outbursts from O'Driscoll and Heaslip
Aug 19, 2013

'Crouch, bind, set' - Don't cheat

Richard Seeckts: "Without tight definition, positive coaching and strict enforcement, these law changes will fail." The Crooked Feed provides its take on the new scrum calling sequence
Jul 17, 2013

Oval ball gazing

Richard Seeckts: "Predictions made a year in advance should be taken with a pinch of salt." The Crooked Feed reflects on ESPNscrum's attempt to predict those who would star for the Lions
Jul 8, 2013

Hats off, but let's not get too carried away

"In proving what could be achieved, we were shown what wasn't achieved in the first two Tests" The Crooked Feed is not convinced by the Lions' last Test triumph
Jul 3, 2013

Gatland's muddled thinking

Richard Seeckts: The latest Crooked Feed ponders Warren Gatland's hunches ...'few have successfully predicted them, fewer can explain them'
Jun 25, 2013

No parking at Suncorp?

Richard Seeckts: "Few viewers seem to have noticed Australia's other trick; they used yellow, sorry, gold, paint for the lines marking the pitch." The Crooked Feed reports

Richard Seeckts' rugby career consisted of one school match where he froze on the wing and despite no substitutes being available he was withdrawn from the game at half-time for mocking the opposition's line-out calls. Thereafter Richard and the sport agreed active participation was not the way ahead, but that has not prevented him from avidly writing about and watching the game. He now contributes his random observations to the Crooked Feed blog on ESPNscrum.com